Just as you have to breathe fresh life into your business plan, your brand’s online presence could likewise use a facelift every now and then. A variety of companies nowadays are redesigning and launching rejuvenated websites, and for good reason. The technological landscape constantly fluctuates, and as design trends come and go, you need to stay aware of the best methods for engaging and interacting with your customers.

Here are 12 signs your site may need an upgrade:

  • You haven’t overhauled your site since 2002.

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    This may seem obvious, but in actuality many companies let years – even decades – go by without ever updating their websites. For both form and functionality, your site should be retouched every two to three years.

  • Your audience has evolved.
    A significant change in your demographic calls for a website revamp. Creating fresh content that appeals to new viewers, as well as adapting to growing trends, can help your brand better cater to these new buyer personas.
  • Your website isn’t an embodiment of your brand.
    As companies grow and evolve, so should their websites. If your site doesn’t align with your business’s core values, aesthetic, or updated products and services, it’s time to touch it up.
  • Your site isn’t aligned with your current marketing strategy.
    Your website is one of your company’s main marketing assets. If it isn’t optimized to help reach your marketing goals, such as attracting new clients or showcasing your expertise, it’s time to give it a full-scale makeover.

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  • You’re experiencing a high bounce rate.
    Your bounce rate is the number of visitors who leave your site after viewing only a single page. If your website isn’t visually appealing, is difficult to use, or doesn’t meet users’ expectations, you’re likely to have a low retention rate.
  • Your website isn’t mobile-friendly.
    Today’s brands are reaching customers anywhere and at any time with on-the-go sites. As a result, non-responsive websites could likely be phased out. If visitors can’t easily view and/or navigate your site while browsing on their smartphones, you’re missing out on a large demographic.
  • Your site isn’t integrated with your social media platforms.
    If your website is not seamlessly integrated with Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets, it can look woefully out-of-touch. To stay current, ensure that the content on your site is easy for others to share, or that it opens up a dialogue with customers.
  • Your website has been slapped together by numerous designers.
    If you have a “Frankenstein site,” or one that includes tons of bad codes written by several different web designers, you might want to start from scratch.
  • Your site is cheesy.
    Animated and flash intros get in the way of what you’re trying to say to your audience. These techy gimmicks should never interfere with your actual message.
  • Your site contains unused features.
    If your website contains large images, widgets, or any other components that you or your audience doesn’t use, it’s time to trash it. These features can slow loading time, which is a turnoff for many viewers.


    “Where’s my apps?” by Michał Kulesza is licensed under CC0.

  • Your website is tough to navigate.
    If users can’t immediately find what they’re looking for on your site, they’ll move on to the next one – which just might belong to your competitor. Reformat your site so that it’s easy to navigate on both laptops and smartphones.
  • Your parents LOVE your website.
    These are the same people who still use phones the size of bricks. If they think that your website is cutting-edge, it’s probably time for an update.

Bottom line is, if your gut tells you that your site needs touching up, you may want to consider a revamp. Especially if your folks praise it for being “groovy.”

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