Just as having a Supreme Court judge at your wedding makes the event extraordinary, “Judges for Love” needed their website to be extraordinary as well. “Judges for Love” is a new company that provides marriage officiation by Supreme Court judges; a fresh idea that, at first, makes you think, what? — and then realize — well, this might actually make some sense.

Since Judges for Love features authorized judges as officiants, their website needed to look official to convey that legitimacy. It also needed to be slightly romantic, as the service is geared towards weddings. We were able to accomplish both these goals by using a rich, vibrant color scheme that goes pleasantly with the judges’ black robes, while still expressing the sentimentality and beauty of a wedding ceremony.

This website also allows visitors to make a payment online in order to secure their reservation, connecting directly with Paypal.

For more information, visit the Judges for Love website.

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