Admit it; we’ve all tried it at least once… Ehrm, I mean using a search engine of course. In fact, Google alone generates about 3 billion searches each day (according to And Yahoo has scanned or ‘speed-dated’ almost 15 billion different web pages.

So how is the way that search engines work like speed-dating? If you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics of speed-dating, or don’t know what Search Engine Optimization or ‘SEO’, the infographic covers all the basics! If you’re still confused about what SEO is, check out this article for an in-depth explanation.


SEO Infographic

Remarkably similar, no? Turns out search engines and speed-daters can both be pretty picky when it comes to who they’re ranking. But don’t let that stop you from taking the initiative and trying these things out for yourself! Whether you’re a marketer, a speed-dater, or love searching the internet for videos of puppies; SEO can really help you become better at it!

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