The following is an article written by Christine, one of our 2016 summer interns, about her experience as a web designer at Lumina.

flatiron-building-1031207_1920I’m a senior majoring in Communications Design-Illustration at Pratt. Done with my junior year, I was looking for an internship position over this summer and I found a position as a graphic designer at Lumina. Since I was always interested in graphic design, I applied to the position and after interviewing with Yaniv, I was luckily accepted for the position. Lumina is located in the Flatiron area so working at Lumina, I was able to enjoy the environment of the city which was a great experience; not only that, but by working at Lumina I got to learn the field so much better as a graphic designer.

I worked on creating standard demos and web designs using Axure, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator.  It was my first time using Axure, but I could always ask Yaniv if I had questions about it and by making several demos I got used to the new program. Lumina is a company with clients from many different industries, so I got to design various designs and structures for different companies. Also because Yaniv and Jessica trusted me and gave the professional works for me to experience, I got to design for real clients and this impacted my career in a big way. Getting familiar with the day-to-day operations at Lumina, I thought the process of making designs is interesting, and also Jessica giving me advice for my designs was really helpful. It wasn’t only me making the designs, but others in the company helped me through and it was a really nice process. At first when I was confused with the process and graphic design, Jessica and Yaniv helped by having meetings with me and giving me feedback and directions for my designs. They walked me through until I was used to the system and after that I was comfortable with what I was doing at Lumina and got the hang of it.ipad-632512_1920

I think the internship was a great experience that opened my eyes to some situations and processes that I was unaware of. It was a really nice place to see the working process of companies and what was going on in the field. I was also more aware of the deadlines because unlike school assignments, if I was late to turn in something, it’s not just me that’s affected by it, but everyone in the company. I felt more responsible and tried to finish as fast as possible. After the internship, I am completely confident of my technical abilities and have improved my skills.

It was my first experience at a company as a graphic designer, and unlike other internships where you just work as an assistant or do jobs that you don’t learn much from, I learned so much as a professional web designer by working at Lumina. I would totally recommend this internship for someone who is interested in the field.

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