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Placing Conversion at the Forefront

We've been working with FlatRate Moving for nearly a decade, and have helped them become one of the most technologically advanced moving companies to date. Between developing several of their interconnecting software solutions, mobile apps, and more, we've pushed them forward in many areas. Now, FlatRate Moving's new website includes a wide array of functionality that echoes that technological advancement.

Fully-optimized lead generation, a strong push toward convenience, and the new "My Account" section have made this website not only successful, but easy for customers to find exactly what they want. "My Account" allows customers to book their move online, view inventory, access their storage information, participate in FlatRate Moving's Loyalty program, and more. Each brings a lot of value to customers, and reason for them to come back again and again.

Another popular feature on the website is the ability to "call me now". Rather than completing a form, customers can now simply enter their phone number. This automatically connects them with one of FlatRate Moving's relocation specialists - with no need to go through any automatic phone operator menus. The many customer tools we've developed have paved the way for an astonishing relationship and model of engagement between customers and the company.