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Lumina Rockets

A new site for a new service

We’re incredibly excited about a new service for business owners and entrepreneurs: our new website design and development program, Lumina Rockets – and we think you will be too! With 3 differently priced website packages to choose from, those who are without a website, or need a major change, can afford a great site. The major advantage to our Rocket Sites program is that we do all of the work, letting you handle your business without having to worry about creating a website.

Because the service this site promotes is so unique, we felt that its design needed to capture that same creativity that went into its conception. Themed around you, the pilot, traveling through space to the Moon, Mars, and Jupiter to see what each package has to offer. Using various layering techniques, we’ve created 4 launchpads with completely distinct graphics and visuals. This layering gives each the illusion of three-dimensional space.

The site isn’t just eye candy, though. While it has a wonderfully cartoonish look and feel, there is a lot of comprehensive information about what makes a Rocket Site worthwhile. Beyond that, the “Secret Lab” is host to information about some of our other services, while being a fun section to explore and interact with our little alien friend. We’ve also developed animations using Javascript, adding to the quirky, cartoon feel of the website.

Our approach to website design and development projects

DiscoveryPlanningCreating a DemoDev-DesignTestingFinalization

  1. Discovery: We start by working with you to discover everything your website will require to the finest detail.
  2. Planning: Next, we plan the project from start to finish, which helps us provide clear and accurate estimates.
  3. Creating a Demo: Then we create a demo for you, refining it until it simulates every feature you want for your site.
  4. Design & Development: Using the demo as a foundation, the features are all developed within the website design.
  5. Testing & Feedback: Once the first version of your website is ready for review, we send it your way for feedback.
  6. Project Finalization: After we handle all feedback, your website is done, with many options for additions or changes.

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