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Plaza College

A fresh and modern website

Plaza College’s website wasn’t utilizing the power of the web to attract their audience. Leveraging the look and feel that makes them stand out, we helped to develop a website that captures the Plaza College experience in a fresh, clean look. Equally as important, we made sure that the new website is optimized for mobile use, as many college-aged people are using mobile more than ever.

The advanced forms for quick contact and online application found on the site were added so that students can get information and get ready with ease. These forms have been integrated directly with Plaza’s student management system, which helps to remove double entry and human error from the equation.

With new chat capabilities, full control over page content, class schedules, curriculum, and live updates from their social media presence, it’s become a living, interactive new website.

Our approach to website design and development projects

DiscoveryPlanningCreating a DemoDev-DesignTestingFinalization

  1. Discovery: We start by working with you to discover everything your website will require to the finest detail.
  2. Planning: Next, we plan the project from start to finish, which helps us provide clear and accurate estimates.
  3. Creating a Demo: Then we create a demo for you, refining it until it simulates every feature you want for your site.
  4. Design & Development: Using the demo as a foundation, the features are all developed within the website design.
  5. Testing & Feedback: Once the first version of your website is ready for review, we send it your way for feedback.
  6. Project Finalization: After we handle all feedback, your website is done, with many options for additions or changes.

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