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A polished site for professional use

As a leading global consulting firm, Telavance required an updated website that would be more modern, as well as appealing to their multinational clientele. Their three main categories of services include Technology Assessment, Advisory, and Analytics, so their site needed to present them as knowledgeable about current industry technologies, as well as reflect their glowing international reputation.

The most important aim for the design was for it to appeal to Telavance’s professional, corporate customers which we achieved through its sharp and polished look. For an immediately clean and corporate effect, the main slider covers most of the homepage, giving users the option to see more information without it taking up too much space. We also used a slider format for their client logo section, giving the site a nice, clean look.

Some sections in the website are only available to visitors who register via LinkedIn . This provides Telavance with another way to communicate with their prospects. In addition, much attention was given to the mobile version of the website, to allow quick and comfortable browsing on the go.

Our approach to website design and development projects

DiscoveryPlanningCreating a DemoDev-DesignTestingFinalization

  1. Discovery: We start by working with you to discover everything your website will require to the finest detail.
  2. Planning: Next, we plan the project from start to finish, which helps us provide clear and accurate estimates.
  3. Creating a Demo: Then we create a demo for you, refining it until it simulates every feature you want for your site.
  4. Design & Development: Using the demo as a foundation, the features are all developed within the website design.
  5. Testing & Feedback: Once the first version of your website is ready for review, we send it your way for feedback.
  6. Project Finalization: After we handle all feedback, your website is done, with many options for additions or changes.

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