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A beautiful redesign to promote the company's next generation of SaaS solutions

Teledata Communications, Inc., better known as TCI, came to Lumina looking to revamp their company website. TCI offers loan origination SaaS solutions for credit unions, banks and finance companies, and their website serves as the main online presence for the company.

The company wanted to improve their website’s design and presentation of content, in order to modernize the overall look and feel of the site and more effectively promote the company’s next-generation platforms. Therefore, a major goal in the design process was to create a site that is simple to navigate yet mirrors the complexity of TCI’s products to build credibility and trust with site visitors.

Lumina delivered a custom-built, mobile-responsive WordPress site with an optimized page structure and completely brand new, sleek design. The new homepage presents more promotional content, and the featured highlights tell a curated story for the user that enables a greater conversion rate. In addition, Lumina’s customization of TCI’s WordPress backend supports a more seamless management of pages and content. A notable new feature we integrated into the site is its “view as” functionality, which allows users to select whether they are viewing the site from the perspective of a Bank, Credit Union or Finance Company. These options customize the homepage by showing relevant content specific to the type of user selected.

We also made various SEO modifications to the site – such as redirects from the old site’s URLs to new ones, maintained tracking information and prioritized visible content – to preserve keyword rankings on Google and create a foundation for SEO growth. Plus, we implemented a new tracking feature that reports video views on the site, to the level of identifying the amount of users who started viewing as well as how many finished watching.

The finished TCI website is a well-designed and easy to use online infrastructure for many years to come.

Our approach to website design and development projects

DiscoveryPlanningCreating a DemoDev-DesignTestingFinalization

  1. Discovery: We start by working with you to discover everything your website will require to the finest detail.
  2. Planning: Next, we plan the project from start to finish, which helps us provide clear and accurate estimates.
  3. Creating a Demo: Then we create a demo for you, refining it until it simulates every feature you want for your site.
  4. Design & Development: Using the demo as a foundation, the features are all developed within the website design.
  5. Testing & Feedback: Once the first version of your website is ready for review, we send it your way for feedback.
  6. Project Finalization: After we handle all feedback, your website is done, with many options for additions or changes.

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