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The Wickery

A digital age shop for a brick-and-mortar business

The Wickery is a family owned and operated furniture store that has been serving Ocean County, NJ and its area since 1986. Operating out of a large 10,000 square foot showroom, it specializes in outdoor and indoor wicker & rattan furniture.

The Wickery hired Lumina to build a website that would not only increase traffic, but also introduce new sales opportunities such as furniture repair services and online orders, as well optimize the conversion rate (the percentage of visitors who make a purchase) of the site. The top priorities in this project were to build an online shop that would more effectively highlight the company’s experience, industry credibility, customer service capabilities, and extensive selection of products, through implementing modernized design and the ability to process orders online.

Lumina, in turn, delivered an eCommerce platform built with WooCommerce, one that not only improved the user experience on The Wickery’s site, but also introduced another source of revenue for the company. The site’s brand new, sleek and mobile-responsive design, easy-to-use navigation, promotional content and complete eCommerce experience, gives The Wickery one of the strongest websites in its industry. The customized backend enables efficient management of products for sale on the website, along with the ability to easily edit, add or delete website content using the various templates that were custom-coded. The “My Account” section allows online shoppers to create an account, view the status of their order, manage their shipping addresses and personal info, as well as contact the company. Various search filters are available for the products on the site and a “Live Chat” feature was integrated in order to help visitors interact with the sales staff in real time.

Additionally, The Wickery website’s performance metrics have seen a significant improvement since the launch of the new site. Within the first 6 months of launch, organic web traffic increased by 260.34%, with organic traffic from new users rising 221.43%. Bounce rate from organic search dropped 14.40%, average session duration increased 57.58% and conversion rate on all goals proportionately increased by 66.8%.

Our approach to website design and development projects

DiscoveryPlanningCreating a DemoDev-DesignTestingFinalization

  1. Discovery: We start by working with you to discover everything your website will require to the finest detail.
  2. Planning: Next, we plan the project from start to finish, which helps us provide clear and accurate estimates.
  3. Creating a Demo: Then we create a demo for you, refining it until it simulates every feature you want for your site.
  4. Design & Development: Using the demo as a foundation, the features are all developed within the website design.
  5. Testing & Feedback: Once the first version of your website is ready for review, we send it your way for feedback.
  6. Project Finalization: After we handle all feedback, your website is done, with many options for additions or changes.

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